Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Housing form lodged

We walked down the road to the local NSW Dept of Housing offices and lodged the application for priority housing there. The lady said everything looked fine except for one thing. Although it may be negated by another factor.

So this is our current situation. My partnered DSP is just enough to pay the rent ($760 a fortnight). I don't see a cent of it. David's Newstart/sickness thing is $470 a fortnight. That's what we're supposed to live off, both of us.  Making a grand total of $1,230 a fortnight, the rent is 61% of our income.

However the NSW gov has some other weirded out way of calculating this to make it look like you're paying less of a percentage of your income in rent than you actually are. No I don't understand it either. So we're sitting there with the lady explaining that bit to us, that the gov considered we were only paying half our income in rent. When we're paying 61% of our income in rent. Somehow, even though we're a couple, they split us up and calculate it somehow that way and come out with this bullshit percentage figure. It's been explained to me a couple of times by the ACON bloke as well but I just can't follow how they make that calculation and come to such a bullshit conclusion.

Anyway, turns out this place we're in now has a terrible mould problem that upsets David's asthma no end, so the place is therefore considered "unsuitable" for us, which negates their weirded out money calculation anyway.

From here it's a 4-6 week wait before we're informed by Housing of the outcome. We'll see what happens. Have already been told to expect to have to make an appeal. 

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