Saturday, 6 January 2018

Auckland NZ 35yrs ago and today (my pics compared to daughters)

So my daughter is still in Auckland with her husband and has taken pictures out and about there. She's been emailing me what they're going to be up to and I've sent her the odd scanned picture that I took about 35 or so years ago and she's sent back a couple of identical ones taken today by her

This first one is my old photo from the early '80's at the top of Mount Eden, which is an extinct small volcano with a crater in the middle, all grassed over now of course. When I lived in Auckland they used to graze sheep on it but I don't know if they still do, although I do see the sheep trails in the crater.
*click to enlarge

And this is the one she took today. Notice how the city centre has grown over the decades.

This next one is from the top of Mount Eden looking south east to One Tree Hill in the distance, another volcanic activity thing also extinct. Despite the oldness of the picture and the wonders of today's image filtering programmes you can actually make out the one tree on top of it, which has been a major Auckland landmark. Hence the name One Tree Hill.

And here is my daughter's picture she took today from about the same spot. Notice that some asshole has chopped down the one tree on top so it's no longer there (some sort of racial protest against whites/Pakehas over it being the wrong sort of tree FFS). The tree underwent two chain saw attacks, one in 1994 which it survived, but the second one in 2000 was fatal and it had to be chopped down.

They went out on the harbour today over to Auckland's north shore Devonport and she took a photo of their harbour bridge. Of course Sydney siders refer to the thing as a "mechano set" after the Sydney harbour bridge over here :)