Sunday, 7 January 2018

Storms are god's wrath because gays - Cow Scat Paster Swanson (audio)

Yes folks, Cow Scat Pastor Swanson, from the US (known for his fetish fantasy of covering himself in cow shit at his son's gay wedding if it happened), is back again for another round of far right christian cowshit folks. This time is he isn't demanding the death of gays, which is never far from his lips. He is however blaming us for evilly sneaking "indoctrination" text books in to California's public school system.

You see the global warming precedents that we're seeing now in the form of severe storms and extreme weather, aren't really caused by that lefty conspiracy global warming. No, it's because there are new text books in California schools non-judgemental of gays. Oh the humanity!

Swanson caught my attention some time ago when he did a sermon at an event during the presidential election campaign where Rubulican candidates shared the stage with him and spoke at the event. The sermon called for gays to be killed because the bible.

During that event he also preached that if he had a son who got gay married he'd turn up at the wedding dressed in sackcloth and ashes and covering himself with cow shit. And he reckons gays are sick and evil :s