Wednesday, 24 January 2018

When Abbott called internet a "video entertainment system" in 2010 (video)

I've posted this video before ages ago, but with Turnbull's NBN expanding as a national disaster as more and more are connected to it I thought it would be good to revisit it.  It's a little known video from 2010.

This is where it all began in 2010 when the present gov was in opposition. They released their NBN policy which was basically to provide slower speeds on the assumption that all people wanted to do on the internet was to watch videos. I don't think their attitude has changed any today, with the other day a gov minister saying that we don't need fast internet because Netflix runs on the present ADSL just fine.

It shows the positively neanderthal tech ignorance of this gov. You can find a list of more Abbott quotes about the internet here. Lots of people knew it was far far inferior to what Labor was already rolling out; fibre to the premises giving the capacity of up to 1Gbps.

I would add here too that to get the NBN connected and going on a plan, why are the plans so expensive? The ADSL we get from Dodo is unlimited information for $35 a month. Yet I keep seeing adds for the same on the NBN and it's fully double the price. And once it gets rolled out in your area you have no choice but to switch over to it.