Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Gov & media bashing welfare recipients - Angry Aussie (video)

If you're as sick to death of this gov dragging out the welfare recipient bashing lines over and over (the latest one this last week in cohouts with a compliant right wing media parroting their lines) then you will like this video. Angry points out the bleeding obvious, as only Angry can :)

Given the drumming both the main stream media and the gov received on social media online, my guess is that most Australians are sick of it too, particularly only a matter of days since the report was released that one third of large companies in Australia pay no tax at all.

Australia has one of the lowest pension rates in the OECD, and the dole is absurd at being 30% below the poverty line and completely unsurvivable on. Over 40% of us on the DSP live below the poverty line. David and I have been forced to get by with drawing financial hardship money once a year out of our super. After rent we probably have only $12-13k for everything else for the year without that, between the two of us. How about the gov do something about bloody affordable housing  instead of bashing us at every opportunity?

Thirty yrs in full time printing, hard physical labour before I got sick. I've worked harder than any of the politicians in Canberra bagging me right now.