Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Public to pay for Foxtel cable maintenance even if NBN ditches it - Turnbull's Telstra deal

This whole National Broadband Network being fucked over by Turnbull is seriously starting to stink like a putrid rotting fish. Namely, how Murdoch's Foxtel is coming out of it all.

It's well known that Murdoch wanted fibre to the node as he didn't want the internet competing with his Foxtel. Ex PM Kevin Rudd who's original broadband plan was for fibre to the premises, wants a royal commission into it.

Now it's come to light that the cable that Turnbull wants to use For the NBN where it's available in cities and the like, will be maintained by the taxpayer. The cable TV that just happens to be what Foxtel uses for it's pay TV service. In fact contractually, even if the NBN ditches using the cable (which could happen given the problems they're having with the cable TV interfering with the NBN signal) taxpayers will still have to pay for that cable maintenance which Foxtel uses. 

At every turn in this whole Turnbull NBN fiasco, Murdoch comes out on top.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull faces expensive embarrassment if NBN Co cannot rectify problems that have halted the rollout of the HFC network he championed, as the company confirmed taxpayers will be forced to pay to maintain it for Telstra to broadcast Foxtel, even if it is ditched from the NBN.

 NBN chief executive Bill Morrow suddenly hit pause on the rollout of broadband delivered over pay television cables last week, due to mounting issues with service dropouts, delaying the roll out to an eventual 3 million metropolitan areas by an estimated six to nine months. 

However, as Labor ups its campaign for NBN to drop HFC in favour of fibre to the curb technology, NBN confirmed to The Australian Financial Review that it is contractually bound to maintain the ailing network for as long as Telstra wants to keep using it for pay-TV transmission. Australian Financial Review
What possible reason would Turnbull have to make such a deal, other than to give Murdoch what he wants?