Monday, 8 January 2018

Calls for Australia to close it's Vatican embassy over child sex abuse in Australia

During the royal commission into institutional child sex abuse in Australia (which became largely an inquiry into the Catholic church with 60% of cases coming from it alone) it became apparent that the Catholic church was using the Vatican's status with Australia as a nation state and thereby using that to protect it's paedophilia priests from prosecution here. 

The royal commission requested documents from the Vatican of child sex offender priests held by the "Holy See". The Vatican refused, using Australia's diplomatic recognition of it as a nation state to do so. 

There are now calles for the Australian embassy to the Vatican be closed.
In an opening address on February 6 to the 16th, and final, public hearing into the Catholic Church, counsel assisting the royal commission Gail Furness, SC, confirmed the Vatican had refused a request to provide files of all Australian church abuse cases referred to the Holy See. The Vatican advised in 2014 it was “neither possible nor appropriate”.

 Letters made public by the royal commission show chairman, Justice Peter McClellan, wrote to Vatican secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin in April, 2014, saying the Vatican files would help the commission understand the extent of clerical child sex allegation referrals to the Vatican, and the action taken by the church in each case. 

Cardinal Parolin declined in July, 2014, in a letter to the Australian embassy at the Vatican, saying the request to “undertake the substantial burden of locating, reviewing and copying all files regarding every accused Australian cleric appears inconsistent with international practice”. 

 He ended his letter to the Australian embassy by reaffirming “the importance of reciprocal exchanges of information between sovereign states”. The Herald
 In other words the Australian gov is letting them get away hiding Australian child sex abuse by the church, by recognising the Vatican as a nation state.