Sunday, 14 January 2018

Billie Jean King rips new asshole in Margaret Court over LGBT (video)

*Update: Margaret Court's husband has protested. Oh the poor fuckin dear. I've just watched a doco made in the 2000's about gay people murdered in gay hate crimes in Sydney in the late '80's to early '90's' It only scratched the surface of the murders, now 88 in that time that the New South Wales police have re-opened for investigation citing the appalling lack of police work done at the time. The doco I'm talking about you can watch on YouTube here if you so desire. The lack of police action because they were gay could be argued as criminal, or dereliction of duty. But of course the NSW police were likely promoted and had a long career in the force.

These christians feigning persecution are only doing it to further their cause. They don't care about anyone except themselves. They just looooooove to pronounce that they're persecuted to gain sympathy. The truth is that they haven't the faintest idea what persecution is. During the doco linked above Wayne Tonks was shown again; the murdered gay school teacher who was David's first boyfriend. He was killed in 1990.

These people need to recognise that comparison. I cried watching that doco. I'm a very empathetic person and when David is affected so am I.

When was the last time any of christians ended up murdered like this because of who they are? I won't reveille the details only known to the police (and David I guess with a few others), but that pic is much worse than it looks.....  This was in eastern Sydney in 1990.


I have to start this post by saying I don't follow sports at all. I don't have a footy team, I don't sit watching cricket all day (particularly after that asshole Ricky bloody Ponting), and I hated playing sports in school. In New Zealand it was evidently assumed that the rules of rugby union were imparted on you magically at birth and you therefore never had to be taught them. Much like all the other sports played in school. I invariably went to the outfield in all these stupid games just to get as far away from them as I could. Once I got really adventurous and entered the fray in rugby. For a split second I even got the bloody ball! Only to be clobbered by the opposition in some rule that I didn't have the faintest idea. I think rugby union is about how hard you can clobber people :s  I was little for my age too which helped in the clobbering. But I digress......

So I'd never heard of Margaret Court, some fossilised Western Australian who legend told me was a legendary Australian tennis star from decades ago, having some tennis stadium named after her in eastern Australia called the Margaret Court Arena or something.. Since winning all those matches way before my time she had retired from tennis and become a pastor of a wacky fundamentalist Pentecostal church in WA. 

Despite most of Australia not even knowing who she was, but with the help of explanatory media giving her the platform, She used the platform of the postal survey where everyone could vote on our LGBT lives to preach here fundamentalist hate across the country. It was appalling as she used her past fame to preach that message, with you know all the tired old bla that these bible bashers come up with. At any other time us LGBT would have laughed it off, but in the context of the postal survey it was an obscenity. It appeared to us that christians knew no bounds in their hatred and despising of us, very much those christians who counted themselves fundamentalist Pentecostals. The time she chose to voice that hatred was really hurtful.

Needless to say many other Australians have voiced their feeling of being completely appalled by what she's said. Lots of tennis people too, who I myself am equally ignorant of who they are as Margaret Court as I just don't follow sport at all. 

However one name that rings a bell is Billie Jean King. From somewhere in the back of my head I remember long ago when she was some sort of legend in tennis (I'm 55 you know). I looked her up on Twitter and she's based in New York so I'm assuming she's one of the good Americans. 

In Australia for the moment she's taken to Margaret Court with a ten by four :)  Thank you America for producing this lovely truthful lady xxx



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