Wednesday, 17 January 2018

"The New Gay Slang" - by the Order Of Sodomites (video)

I have so many YouTube subscriptions that I can't possibly go through the latest one's in one day, let alone a week! My latest tactic in that is to go minimal and bring it down to less. It's hard though I like them all, but on going through them I do find ones that I haven't watched for months even though I like them so I'm starting to unsubscribe from them.

On my wading through my YouTube subscriptions today doing that process, I found this little gem from some months back. The guy reading is trans so he's wearing women's clothes, his beard hasn't gone yet (shock/comedy factor?). The act is called the Order Of Sodomites. This one is bloody hilarious!

It's the summer break for most of January for much of Australia. I'm actually pretty happy about that as the intensity of last year has burned me out somewhat and I need time to recover and take stock. Yes we won marriage equality but our civil rights will be threatened by the religious freedom review early this year and must be addressed as we fought for our rights for marriage equality. That however is not now and I need to recognise the need to step back for a bit.