Friday, 12 December 2014

The futility of Lieberal copyright clampdown - an illustration

Good grief. The net neanderthals are about again darlings. The Lieberals want ISP's to be good little ISP's and tow the corporate line, just like the Abbott gov you know. Good luck with that one. The ISP's don't want a bar of being corporate cops, any more than the local coffee shop that has WiFi. *pffft*

From the Pirate Party:
“The Government is creating a situation in which everyone is expected to work for the benefit of copyright holders. It is clear that the Government anticipates that everyone who provides access to the Internet, including libraries, schools and cafes that provide wifi hotspots, will be policing the connection on behalf of copyright holders. Regardless of the burden this would impose, everyone will be working to prop up and protect industries that have stubbornly refused to adapt to cultural and technological changes that have been occurring for at least the last 25 years.” more
Just to illustrate. Does the gov think that Kickass and the Pirate Bay are the only two places to go to get torrents? You stop one site and another pops up. It's a futile exercise dreamed up be neanderthals that know nothing about the internet. Take the Maze Runner movie for example (BTW I really liked it). A quick search on Torrentz, which provides links to great swathes of the internet in one search, turned up this. Five pages of that, this snip just showing to top bit of the first page: 

OK so I usually chose a smaller file version as it works better in our little hard on drive player thing plugged into the telly, so I clicked on the 2nd one down at 720 by 264 resolution. Which brings up these choices. Remember, this last page of choices is from just one file type in 5 pages of file types.

In short there's a myriad of possibilities to download various file types and versions. They want ISP's, coffee shops, libraries, etc to block all that? Ha ha ha ha ha..... bloody morons. 

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