Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Centrelink online site fucked again

Oh fuck this is giving me the shits today. The gov cuts Centrelink staff and tells us to use their online "service". We go online and it's fucked!

All I'm trying to do is get an online document of each of our Centrelink earnings for the financial year just ended yesterday. This will enable us to do our tax returns, and get money back from the superannuation that was taxed when we pulled out $10,000 each under severe financial hardship provisions. We were each taxed $2,200 on each of our $10,000 withdrawals, which we will each get back (albeit mine might be going to the Commonwealth bank under bankruptcy bla, who knows...). To do our tax we need the Centrelink statement of earnings.

By some miracle I actually got mine in a moment of Centrelink site workability. I nearly fainted in front of the screen off the chair. BTW I got all of a bit over $16,000 for the financial year. Fuck, no wonder I'm bankrupt.

On trying David however the miracle of mine wasn't so forthcoming. All we're getting all day is the equivalent of the internet version of trying to fuckin ring them and wait for 50 minutes and the phone battery goes flat on hold. Still trying with David's statement.......