Friday, 3 July 2015

Gay marriage now an issue beyond gays - Australia

Although it's excruciating and terrible to sit watching the gay marriage thing get minced in Canberra, this article caught my eye. 

As I said the other day, the gay marriage thing is now much more than just about gays being able to get married in Australia. It's now about our very democracy, and the issue of how we as a people are represented in Canberra in supposed democracy. How can it be a democracy if Canberra won't represent the overwhelming view of the community? 

Facing rebellion in his own Lieberal party, Abbott now must chose between party unity or public marriage equality support. Permanently down in the polls (stuck presently on 48/52TPP for a while now) if Abbott goes to the next election with a policy so very against the views of the electorate, a tight election may well see marriage equality as the issue that decides it.
Abbott is otherwise politically astute. He knows that his concentration on economic management, border security and terrorism plays well. 

But has he taken into account how the explosion in the social media elevates social issues way beyond levels in the past when the mass media alone controlled the agenda? 

It is not just an issue for the gay community either. Far from it. The attention it gets ensures that same-sex marriage is an issue that helps define the social fabric of the nation. In turn, that means it's not an issue that will impact only in seats with a high proportion of gay voters. It can make a difference at the margins across the country. Why do you think the independent, Cathy McGowan, in the rural Victorian seat of Indi, is so anxious to be associated with the private members bill? 

It helps to define the Prime Minister as well. Can he afford to be so out of step with community values? more