Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sydney siege - gunman wrote to gov a month before

Just goes to show the TERROR! being touted by the gov is for political purposes only. 

Turns out Monis, the radical fundamentalist that took all those people hostage at the Lindt cafe at gunpoint, had written to senior gov minister George Brandis just one month before. The letter got no reaction from Brandis and gained just a form reply.

Not only that, but in the subsequent inquiry into the seige in the aftermath, the letter wasn't presented to said inquiry. For the most unbelievable reason.
In the letter, Monis asked if it was lawful for him to contact the leader of Islamic State. Senator Brandis' office drafted a routine reply, despite Australia's terror threat level being lifted to "high" just weeks earlier. 

One month later, Monis walked into the Lindt cafe in Sydney's Martin Place carrying a gun and took 18 people hostage. Three died in the siege, including Monis. 

But a joint Commonwealth-NSW inquiry into the siege never saw the letter because an official didn't realise it was on the second tab of a spreadsheet. more  
Come on, seriously? We're supposed to believe that? I small a cover up.