Friday, 5 July 2013

Gay wedding - in 1971

This was incredibly interesting. It's the story of two gay men in Minneapolis who got married, way back in 1971.

Amazing. But what really struck me about it was that this was before all the hoopla of recent years where Christians have fired up and made it into a war. What they both say about it, and what the minister who married them says, isn't couched in political-speak but a description of two people who love each other. 
Lynn jumped at the chance to conduct the ceremony. At the time, his church had no rules against marrying people of the same sex, he says. 

"The Methodist church has always taken a strong stand on social issues… I expected that the progressive side of the church would support me." 

The ceremony took place in an old Victorian home near a lake in Minneapolis. 

"There was a cake and rather than a bride and groom on the top, there were two grooms," Lynn says. 

He remembers pronouncing the couple "husband and husband". 

He says it was an emotional moment, "particularly when they kissed". 

Despite his work at the drop-in centre he'd never seen two men kiss - and he says he had a "visceral reaction". 

"It was frightening," he says. "It forced me to come to terms with my own homophobia." 

At the end of the ceremony, when many of the congregation came up to the pastor in tears, he says he knew he'd done the right thing. 

"It was very clear that these two people were in love with each other, and they were a good balance," he says. more