Sunday, 27 June 2010

All this on top of HIV

Feeling a bit better today. Stayed in bed again until midday, slept on and off through the morning. The cat knows it seems that I don't get up for zonks if the alarm doesn't go off. 

It's a very relaxing scene. Me sleeping in whilst the cat snores gloriously on the end of the bed. Cold morning. Warm in/on bed. Occasionally she gets up and sees WTF I'm doing, sits there watching me. If I'm awake she comes over and lies down for a tummy scratch. She's been very contented lately, have not the faintest idea why.

Went to pub for a few quiet ones. Mate turned up, a few more. Nothing dramatic, just a chat. A good way to spend 3 hours on Sunday afternoon.

Busy week this one. 3 Months bloods taken tomorrow for HIV and the statutory STD tests. I am only concerned about the HIV tests.

Tues doctor to finalise the compensation thing with my knee. It's pretty much better, been 6 months, enough is enough. And I don't want to go to the work gym anymore; just not a gym person FFS! It seems so very strange to spend time building up muscles that will only be used in the future on the gym machine that did it, and if you stop that gym machine those muscles fade away. How bizarre and stupid I reckon.

Nexus tomorrow too. Really want to try and get to that one. 7pm-9pm. Late night for me but the payoff is very good. Sitting in a room full of people also positive is something that few get a chance to do in my situation. Many find themselves very very isolated.

Also have to see solicitor this week to discuss the court on the 7th. It's just making an appt for a hearing in a few months, but I also have to give him some money.

Oh yeah, and I gotta go to work full time turning up every single day at 7:30am, for 5 fuckin days. All this on top of HIV exhaustion. Fuck.


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