Saturday, 5 June 2010

Staggers over the finish line again

Whew, made it to the weekend again. What's more it seems I actually have about half a day of sick pay built up for the Thursday off. How the hell that happened I dunno! Only a 4 day week coming as I'm off on that scary little plane early Friday morning.

The guy at the work gym who's taken an interest in my health of late from the work knee injury, convinced me last week to continue with the gym for "general health". Managed to convince my GP to give me another month of compo so as I could do it in work hours. All good but I missed the Wed one as I was so fuckin tired. Emailed him Thurs when I was off sick, and the Fri one he said to give it a miss after being that sick. Seemed quite concerned about it. Think I may bring the diarrhea thing up with my doc, there must be some medical thing that can be done to help it. Like I said, the pain was incredible. 

Quiet weekend planned. Don't actually plan anything weekends, haven't done for a while now. Lately have been feeling almost shell shocked from the week at work. Lie there in bed Sat morning trying to get that last bit of sleep before getting up. 

Has been better this week at work though, finally got used to these new work boots I bought ages ago and can now wear them all day there. Seems to really help, very little pain at all. The OH&S lady said to see my doc and get him to request new boots for the job so the insurance company can pay for them. Sounds like a good idea to me! 

Trying to suck every cent out the bastards (insurance co) now after the way they fucked me around in Jan. Instead of me going straight and getting the proper treatment and tests, the insurance co dragged it ass to OK an MRI, and by the time I saw the specialist it was a full month before I knew what was wrong. Turned out I'd been walking around and working on a knee with a fuckin hairline fracture in it; a stress thing from lifting! I was so bloody pissed off. Immediately took time off out of my own holidays, couldn't believe the idiots.

Still trying to get my head around being away from home for 5 days next weekend. As I've said I've come to feel really secure here, it's been a place of real sanctuary from life when it all got too much. That's something that S does anyway though; he makes me feel safe and secure when he's around, along with everything else (he he). 

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