Thursday, 10 June 2010

A nightmare....

I had nightmares last night. Horrible bits and pieces of everything. Took a good quarter hour for me to get back to reality after waking. Can't describe even how real they were. 

Anyway I'm off till next week. Back Wednesday Sydney time. Am going to where the sun  shines brightly and the dirt is red. Where there's bugger all internet and evidently people don't care (*faints*). 

I will be offline until then; a very very strange experience for me. Have grown used to this space here now. Venting. Laughing. Stirring. However I will be unconnected. It will only be days, but may seem intense days. 

I set this blog up for me to sort my head out. Now I will miss addressing those who I know are there. And all those I guess who I don't.

So this is Peter, signing off for now. 

Back next week all.

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