Sunday, 20 June 2010

Beer O'clock

Sunday afternoon. Huge headache this morning. Groggy from painkillers. Was just about a migraine. Stayed in bed until 1pm. It's still hurting a bit. And I feel nauseous. Oh joy...

Full of doubts last night. At times wonder how the hell I bloody cope with all the crap going on. Not looking forward to this week at work and that fuckin meeting with the factory manager and my dept manager. What a fuckin joke. OK, I have HIV, does that require some kind of crisis meeting FFS? 
Almost feel like telling them to stick their fuckin job. Of course there's the small matter of paying rent and eating that complicates things there. Rent is going up $20 a week next month too. Hope we get a decent wage rise again next Jan from the union negotiations with management there at the site.

Ack, I'm going up the bloody pub for a beer. Fuck this shit.

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