Tuesday, 29 June 2010

End of Compo

Finished the compensation claim at work today at the doctors. Leg is better, still sore on the odd occasion but nothing drastic. Is good to get at least one thing behind me. That was a real nightmare, terrible pain involved. Lucky to avoid an operation, would have been much worse and hugely more intensive rehab. 

The other depts had a meeting today at work, they offering redundancy to 21 people. Mailing is changing and the physical volumes are starting to drop as more and more people get their mail through the net. Costs a company nearly $1 to send out a bill via Australia Post once all the costs of printing and mailing are added up. The internet is just dirt cheap, maybe 5cents if even that. Convenient too, even myself am going more and more for that. Nothing from the bank comes here anymore unless it's a card or something. So the mailing machines at work are somewhat lacking the work now. 

I'd have jumped at redundancy; after over 11 years there I'd walk out with at least half a years wages all untaxed. Unfortunately our dept, along with a couple of others, haven't been offered it! Didn't even get invited to the meeting! Sheesh!

Today was my 7th work day in a row without having a sickie. *faints*

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