Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Counting down

No pain killers today! None, zero, zip! Not even one in the morning! Not even an anti-inflammatory! Fuck! I honestly can't remember the last day without them in recent times!

A different work day. I was on the folding machine for some urgent late thing. 300,000. About 50,000 a shift. They have a casual coming in tomorrow to keep it going. Of course the question is really if laser can actually produce 100,000 a day to keep both shifts going. Seriously doubt it.

And now I have a bloody dilemma! WTF do I pack for 5 days away? Undies is a start, but what then? A parachute for the plane with propellers? It'd probably weigh too much as I can only take 7 kilos on on board stuff. What?  

I will have to weigh the PC notebook, although am sure it would be light enough.

Really looking forward to it now........ Haven't seen him for ages.

*smooch* S if your reading...... Ugh, it's been way too long darling.....

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