Monday, 7 June 2010


Monthly time after work this afternoon. Feels more like "tonight" when I see him though as it's dark by 5:30 and finish the hour at 6pm. 

Discussed a lot tonight. Much about the police and what they did, how I'm getting a delayed affect from it nearly 3 months later, and how the fuck I move forward from here. It's not just a bump in the road as previously hoped, it's turned into another crisis to somehow get through. The last thing I wanted; oh for some peace and serenity!

The memory loss indicates severe emotional trauma. The senior constable cop statement gives much explanation, even in the original fact sheet. It appears as I was in the back of the paddywagon, the cops proceeded to ask me about my family situation. Being as what sent me over the edge last year was my daughter getting me charged and locked up in their cop shop behind bars for hours in the very early hours of the morning, it's no wonder I freaked.

So there I was it seemed, facing being locked in the same cells for simply swearing. No wonder I held on for dear life to the bus pole to avoid that; not that I remember but is what's in the statements. I'd have had some kind of brain snap, some sort of trauma, and try to do anything I could to avoid those fuckin cells again.

Holding onto the bus pole BTW is why they charged me with "resisting arrest". The fuckin cunts.

It's leaving week. On Friday I'm off.

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