Thursday, 3 June 2010

....... "we're both dieing"......

(hi mate)

This was said to me by a friend of mine the other day as a part of a sentence. It's strange how death makes people on the same wavelength. It is the great leveler, we will all one day die. I guess it's how we all chose to deal with our own deaths that characterises our living. 

And it did get me thinking. I suppose I am dieing. Yes, the disease is treatable now, but likely it will be my ultimate demise. There is no cure, only treatments. And even today sometimes those treatments aren't quite as effective as we all might be lead to believe. 

But my point is here, that death is part of life. We will all die. In fact we're supposed to all be dieing after about 30 years old which is the prime of our lives. All downhill from there. 

It's those who face death, those who understand it in this life, who have a more fulfilling life experience because of that; we aren't afraid to live.

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