Sunday, 6 June 2010

Police Brief arrives

I finally got the Brief; where the cops give all the evidence they have to use to my solicitor and I. Have been waiting a while for this, as I wanted to see the CCTV footage that they claimed to have of it all. 

There is none. It wasn't working on the bus at the time. This in conflict with the "Fact Sheet" that stated it existed. 

Nowhere was it mentioned either in any statements or paperwork, the person who asked them to "take it easy".

There are also no independent witnesses. All they have are the two transit officers involved and the two police.

They claim that I held onto a poll and when they prized me loose I and them fell out the back door of the bus, with me landing conveniently on my front (hence the broken ribs?). I don't remember any of that , or the claim that I was "flailing" my arms and legs around on the ground. Whatever, there's still nothing that indicates their response to being sworn at wasn't over the top. In fact their own statements indicate I refused to say anything more at times until prodded by them.

The fact remains that I received two broken ribs for swearing at the cops. It's had also an effect on my head trying to get past yet another fuckin drama, and my physical health has deteriorated the last 3 months; likely the bashing contributing to that. The injuries may have been relatively easy to get over for someone without HIV, but with me no so. Given as my immune system is at capacity fighting the virus, getting over a beating like that is an arduous process. 

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