Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Met mr anonymous at the pub on Sunday afternoon, one of the Oxford St ones. We were just chatting and got on like a house on fire or some other cliché like that. We started kissing and OMG, it was like going to another fuckin world man. Neither of us could believe how much we connected.

But neither of us want anything out of it, other than a bit of company, um, and a lot of sex it appears. BTW I think I've found a new strategy against depression; go and get a good fuck. WTF am I supposed to say? It's worked marvellously the last couple of days.

We went home Sunday to his place, and fuck, the sex was just fuckin mental man. Again, we both couldn't believe it. Just sort of both stunned after each episode. Was so nice for both of us just to cuddle after that and all. Half the time that's all I want eh, just someone there to hold in the night.

He had a day off work yesterday and we ended up in this text thing wondering WTF to do as we both wanted that sex again and how it felt. I suggested perhaps another round; drink-smoke-fuck (I guess a bit like shit-shave-shower but better). Met at a pub and had some drinks, couldn't fuck keep our hands off each other. Remember the kissing and closing our eyes and kissing for like a minute at a time, and then opening them and like, fuck where am I? Such was the other world we went to just kissing. 

Going round there this afternoon. He texted me, I was gonna leave it for the weekend but hey, that's fine. Will play it by ear. I really didn't think he'd be in contact after the first time, you know sometimes it's a bit awkward as you dunno if they want your phone number or to part and never see them again. The never see again is usually simply just people wanting a one night fuck and that's it, um, often like me.....

But he texted this meaningless message "hope you got home OK" yesterday. Fuck, that's just a text saying "so do you want another fuck mate?"

We're both HIV+. We both don't want a relationship. We both enjoy each other. 


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