Sunday, 3 April 2011

Anxious about getting out of Sydney

Daylight saving ended last night, so a full extra hours sleep! Hooray! Unfortunately the cat came in at 5:30am, jumped on the bed, and sat right next to my head purring incredibly loudly and looking at me expectantly. I dunno WTF it wanted, didn't seem hungry. So I just patted it and thankfully it went to sleep end of the bed. Went back to sleep myself but woke up early with the extra hour. So I've been doing a bit of housework, I'm certainly not a housework person though. Washed the bed sheets, letting it air in the bedroom and will put the winter sheets on later. Yes it's all happening here, excitement fuckin plus....

Getting pretty cold in the mornings now, lovely. Have electric blankets for the bed in the middle of winter, and a little heater next to the bed to keep the chill off the room over night. The house is at least 100 years old, with high ceilings, and bloody cold in the winter. Bought a couple of new tops for going to work early, think that's why I started getting a cold other day as I was leaving home at 6:30am with just a t-shirt and jeans. It didn't seem too cold but I guess so. 

Only about 3 weeks until the big trip to Lightning Ridge. Simon is fully peaking about me coming. I don't think I myself am fully peaking, just anxious about going so far from home. Looking forward to seeing him and all. It's such a long way though. I should be OK as I haven't been sick lately, seem very recovered from the GKC. If anything serious did happen though there's fuck all medical facilities out there. Reckon I'd have died had my kidneys stopped out there. If anything really serious happened they'd use the Flying Doctors service I suppose. But again, should be OK. Just me being anxious about nothing.

I found Lightning Ridge on Google Earth:

Amazing that Google Earth thing. If you click for the larger map you can zoom right in. Getting there from Sydney involves getting a train to Dubbo (to the left and inland from Sydney) and then a bus from Dubbo to Lightning Ridge (where the pointer is) because there's no trains there.

Watched some movies yesterday, the first time in months I've actually rented a couple of DVD's. All the movies these days just seem so pointless, bang bang you're dead shit. I got that Skyline one though, as I wanted to see the special effects. Thank fuck it had special effects, because the movie itself was abysmal. The actors just cliche robots going through their cliche lines. The other one was the final in the Saw series: "Saw, the final chapter". I used to be a big horror movie fanatic but lost interest over the years. Call me sicko, but I just loved that whole Saw thing. People think I'm nuts (I think that's obvious by now). When the arms and legs are getting chopped off and blood everywhere, I'm the one in the back of the movie theatre laughing.

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