Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bad dreams continue

Got home from work today and the cat started meowing like a maniac. It seemed a bit pissed off I'd been away all day. Realised I'd actually worked all the 5 days (apart from the 2 hours I left early on Friday for the dentist) and will get nearly a full weeks pay! Hooray! I had to pick up the cat and all, it likes to be held like a baby and scratched on it's stomach while I sit in the lounge chair. Weird. It purred profusely whilst I placated it like that, and then put it on the floor. I looks happy now. The meowing was fuckin annoying man.

Continued with the bad dreams last night. They're every night now. I wake up in the morning, or earlier, and have these horrible emotions happening as part of the dreams. Takes me a while to shake it off, so to speak. As I've been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, am wondering if it may be to do with that. Thinking this is a big possibility. One of the things going on is the 5 year anniversary of my wife's death, early next month. Just after Mothers Day. Considering if perhaps that is feeding into the whole dreaming thing somehow. Haven't had constant bad dreams like this night after night for some time. I don't think it's the anti-depressants as I went back on my normal dose nearly 2 months ago now I think, 6 weeks at least. And have been on that dose for at least 12 months before that and the GKC. No constant bad dreams like this. Will see how I go tonight.

Busy today at work. Although lasting longer still get tired. Just don't want to go without a beer after work. Makes me feel better and relaxed getting home. Not a big drink just a relaxing one. If that's wrong then maybe someone upstairs can shoot me. ... *waits* ... *doesn't care anyway* ....

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