Friday, 22 April 2011

Lightning Ridge here I come

Have been massively tired last couple of days. Yesterday I got home and pretty much just went to bed. Something that was pointed out to me that I'd not considered, was that in having nightly nightmares my sleep may be getting affected. May have to talk to the doctor and get something to help me sleep better. It's almost like a thing of interest; what is tonight's nightmare going to be? They haven't been so bad last couple of days, but perhaps still enough to disturb sleep.

Leaving for Lightning Ridge in the morning. Still very nervous. Think as it's my first trip away from Sydney since getting so sick. Have to pack a few things, hard to do as it just doesn't seem to happen in my head to organise it. Train leaves a bit after 8am I think from Central Station. Will take a book to read, walkman for music, am taking the PC as well. Told Simon I'm leaving the toys at home; not up for any challenges at the moment.

Sounds stupid but I'm going to miss the cat. She's gotten very close again last couple of months. Sleeping on the bed with me at night, getting up with me when I go to work. I hope she doesn't fret at all when I'm away. Got another friend who's up in the Northern Territory, he's coming to Sydney for a few days when I'm away so I'm letting him use my place to stay. Wonder what the cat will think with him sleeping there? Probably won't care and just jump up and sleep in it's usual place. Better warn friend about the cat.

Have given instructions to daughter when I'm away. She's already said she's going to have "a few friends over", which to me sounds like code word for "wild party". Probably a good thing my other mate is staying in my room for a few days, although he's just as likely to join in the fuckin party! Told her no smoking dope in the lounge room, her room only (it already stinks in there so it doesn't really matter). There's good mobile phone reception up there in Lightning Ridge so I can stay in contact.

So nobody panic, I'm not headed off in an ambulance to ICU again! Just going back in time to before the internet. Probably keep a record of some sort of my experiences up there for the week. The library will be open so I may get a chance to get online briefly. How people can live with no internet like that is beyond me.

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