Thursday, 14 April 2011

Challenge overload

I do like to be challenged in life, and how boring would life be without a challenge? Such thinking has seen me through a lot. Of recent times I've managed to recover from all that is involved in acute kidney failure. 

However enough is enough. Although getting back to work after the GKC is something to be celebrated, I instead feel like crying.

There are too many other challenges on top of this. And it gets to the point where I'm so sick of the challenges that every little thing on top of enough becomes too much. Like going to work every day with a head full of snot; that wouldn't be a crisis otherwise but on top of all the other shit it's just too much to do. 

Or dealing with many of the other normal things of life that otherwise would be just that, normal crap and no worries. Now I have trouble with worries of everyday life that for other people wouldn't be any problem.

Paying bills, dealing with debt, traveling, working, friendships, they all become too much to cope with. All too hard, and having to be put aside for a while. It seems I have quite a lot of problems, because of my mental state, in simply living life.

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