Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hold on...

Didn't go to psychologist yesterday. Was just too tired from work and rang the centre near the end of the day that I'd not be able to get there. Felt terrible, back aching and all. Came home and went straight to bed, didn't want to do anything except lie down. Have been a lot better today, so must have been some sort of virus. Nose has been running like crazy the last couple of days. Will email and go next week if he wants. It just seems that it's too much after work these days to get there.

This one has been on my computer at home doing nothing. It's ended up on the MP3 again after a long absence when I was transferring music files. Blasted in my ears today at work. Nearly cried right there. I remember listening to it a lot a couple of years ago. I remember when all the stars faded away.

Dunno about the "stop crying your heart out" bit, sometimes it just can't be helped. Stopping can be impossible when you're hurting too much.

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