Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My big ass injection

It was all very good natured.

Went into the room and the nurse told me about what was in the syringe. Antibiotics as well as some anaesthetic. I was surprised at the last bit and thanked her for being so considerate. She smiled and commented that it wasn't like the old days; they used to make it hurt apparently as some kind of disincentive to getting an STD. WTF? Wow, that's really fucked up. Moralising via the medical system. I said that you have to get tested as the campaigns now say, and making it hurt is going to be a disincentive to get tested.

Asked what she wanted me to do when we walked over to the bed. It was either bend over standing up to get it, or lie on the bed frontwards. I chose lying on the bed. The bend over position is just too, um, well you know what I mean! She did the deed and it was all over.

Didn't hurt hardly at all. I exclaimed "So I'm not going to be punished?" and she said no. "Oh what a disappointment" was my reply, smiling evilly.

Got the prescription and took the two pills. By mid afternoon I was feeling very affected. Went to bed early. Antibiotics seem to work like sleeping pills for me if they're strong ones. 

Saw the psychologist at 1pm. He said I'm going well. I didn't realise so much but it's only been a bit over 4 months since ending dialysis. I guess that's a big explanation for the lingering fatigue.

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