Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Looking to the future

A whole working week where I was there for the whole time. Will therefore get a full weeks pay. I will be interested as to how much more I get (in the hand) after the pay rise last week. I'm estimating about $25, maybe a bit more. Am set on making it another full week this coming pay week. Have no appts for a bit.

Sick of appts and sick of the hospital. I know I should go but the next Renal Clinic one I'm in half a mind just to miss it. It's obvious to me that my kidneys are fine now. An allergic reaction is just that. And I've never had kidney problems before this. But yes I will go, don't panic people. It's next month sometime. Perhaps if there's more great results I'll ask for a 6 month reprieve from their clinic. I can get pretty bloody persuasive when I want to be. 

It's the Infectious Diseases clinic that has been my undoing these last couple of months, but at least I'm doing the right thing and going; turning up bravely for the tests, news, and ass shot. Luckily I just don't give a fuck what people may think, even though they've been completely lovely and non judgmental at all. Given their lovely attitude I don't think they care at all either, other than simply that it's good that I'm there and being treated. They simply accept that I'm sexually active with a lot of blokes at times, and think nothing more of it. There's no Christian fundamentalists there.

But other than that, I just want to move on from all this hospital shit. It's been a long and dreary episode in my life. Now however I feel fine back at work physically (although I still have mental interferences now and then) and reckon am relatively healthy.
Something that occurred to me last few days, that if I'd not been diagnosed and in my present state of health, I wouldn't even know I had HIV. 

I'd have to mention as well with that, again, not bad for someone who was on the verge of death (twice) beginning of the year. I'd also have to add to it, not bad for someone not even on medication for HIV.

My sister sent me a picture from where I'm from in New Zealand. It's been snowing there off the mountain even. The mountain is Mt Taranaki. A very bloody cold winter down under.

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