Thursday, 7 July 2011


A terrible day at work. Had diarrhea most of the night, but had to go to work. Have had these stomach pains all day, severe. Certainly didn't work at my best, but battled on anyway. Back just aching all day, I guess something to do with the diarrhea. Tried the music for a bit that it was pointless. Luckily towards the end of the day when it got worse, I had a couple of Panadol in my bag. Helped a little. Couple of beers on the way home was good too. Will have a hot bath with salts shortly. That helps a lot, and I just go to bed after that with the cat. Amazing the full effect diarrhea can have. Lack of sleep, hurting back muscles, and these terrible pains off and on through the day. Didn't lose my appetite though.

Have to go to work tomorrow, such a lot happening there. And need the money. Have told them about Monday, an unexpected hospital appt at 10am, and I've rescheduled the psych appt for Monday afternoon. If I'm going to have the day off I might as well cram as many appts into it as I can. He's off on leave for 3 weeks after this so will want to see him before that break. Wanting the break too strangely enough. So that should satisfy work if the wankers in the corporate empire chuck another spastic about me having a Monday off. 

Well I'm off to do dinner and bath darlings. Must be fed, rested, and relaxed to put my best foot forward for the empire tomorrow! Can't have a dysfunctional cog falling apart in the Capitalist machine!

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