Thursday, 21 July 2011

Work adventures

Got to work again today, just one more day and pretty much all week there. The fear thing in the mornings appears to have subsided somewhat thankfully, although this morning I found myself very tired and not wanting to get up. Had slept solidly all through the night too. I guess just the build up over the week and towards the end the fatigue gets a bit worse. It's been much better this week at work than usual, I'm sorry to say simply because the immediate supervisor isn't there panicking about nothing. 

It's also been rather an adventure getting to work the last couple of mornings. Sydney has gone back to rain and all, but not just a little bit. Massive full on downpours that last for an hour or so, blowing horizontal from a cold southerly wind. The buses have been late but got there. Yesterday my umbrella nearly carked it after I got off the bus, only I pointed it into the wind and rain and it survived. Nearly all got bent though even that way the wind was so strong. 

Daughter told me this hilarious story last night about her getting to work, she took about 5 steps outside the front door with her brand new $5 umbrella, only to have the wind get it. The whole top broke off and went careering down the street never to be seen again, while she was left holding the handle. She then had to run to the bus stop, pouring rain etc, hands over head. I found the handle next to the front door when I got home before her. Hilarious!

We finally got the wage rise at work. My rate has gone up $2.50 an hour. Next week the back pay. They also have a various range of shoes to look at that they're supplying us with, and the shirts are on display. Crappy looking work shirts but hey that's fine with me, just means I don't have to use my own for work.

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