Monday, 25 July 2011

Time to get serious about work

Busy at work today but OK. It was actually sunny here too so no adventures battling to get to work in storms. Having quiet night at home, just making some dinner and going to bed. Don't feel exhausted, just want to make sure I'm well rested for the next day. 

Have decided I have to make a big effort presently to get to work as much as possible. It was one thing to not bother when I was deservedly so still not long out of dialysis, but I really have to make sure I get that full weeks pay now. Got to seriously do something about this fuckin debt.

Simon seems to think it's all very boring, even suggested I do something more exciting with the $1,200 tax return than simply paying off debt. I've no idea where he's coming from with that. Reckoned I should use it for a holiday. I said the money would still be there on the credit card if I needed it, but by paying it there'd be no interest. 

Am really starting to wonder if Simon and I are even on the same page anymore.

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