Thursday, 28 May 2015

Abbott plays politics with marriage equality

*Update: Conservative Australia Is Giving Up The Fight On Marriage Equality 


Does anyone in Canberra have any idea how excruciating it is to see such a basic right as marrying the one you love, be turned into political conning by the prime minister? 

So Shorten has offered a way forward by putting up a bill next week. Abbott turns around and says no we can't do it that way because Labor will take credit for it (um, who fuckin cares?) and refuses a conscience vote if the Labor bill is involved.

He then proclaims some moral high ground (yes, Abbott claiming moral high ground, you read that right) by saying it should be "above party politics" and a bill should be presented by someone more neutral. Bullshit. If that was the case Abbott would have allowed a conscience vote by his own party zonks ago. He's playing politics with our fuckin lives. And what about annulling the Canberra marriages a while back, was that "above party politics"? Oh he just so full of shit.

He wants to take credit for marriage equality in Australia. The idea would be hysterical if it wasn't so offensive. After spending years blocking it, leaving Australia in the western dark ages in this issue, now he wants to maneuver his way politically to take credit for it? How stupid does he think gay people, and the wider population, are? 

If it does happen in this parliament it will be the end of a very long period of frustration with Canberra politicians and Abbott in particular. We are hardly going to be thankful to Abbott for that.  

BTW, even if all that happens, then the Lieberals first have to vote in the party room, to decide if they can vote with a conscience on the parliamentary floor without having to resign their ministry.
Speaking in the Parliament on Wednesday, Mr Abbott, who remains personally opposed to broadening the Marriage Act, acknowledged that momentum for change within the community, and within his own party, meant a vote would occur at some point, However, he made clear, progress would not be ceded to the ALP. 

"If our Parliament were to make a big decision on a matter such as this, I want it to be owned by the Parliament, and not by any particular party," Mr Abbott said. 

That was a response to an attempt by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to seize the initiative on Tuesday through his own private member's bill. 

Mr Abbott believes the reform, if is to be debated, must be relieved of any such party branding. To that end, he has given his imprimatur to former government whip Liberal MP Warren Entsch to seek a suitable backbencher on the Labor side to co-sponsor a new private member's bill. more
Like I said, it's just absolutely excruciating watching this dumb fuck weasel his way through this. 

The ultimate goal I'd suggest is that he doesn't want to be going with this into the election next year without it being sorted out and becoming a bloody great election issue. Pathetic. 
Some pro-gay marriage Liberals might be railing against Bill Shorten’s pre-emptive private member’s bill but its effect has been to suddenly raise the prospect of common political ownership of the issue. 

Liberals remain divided on marriage equality but united on not wanting Shorten, who has given notice he’ll introduce the bill next week, to have carriage of the push for reform. 

Tony Abbott’s opposition to marriage equality won’t change, but one gets the impression he’s realising this tide can’t be held back for much longer. 

Abbott might be thinking about how to avoid personally looking too bad in defeat – and also the way to prevent Shorten or the Greens taking all the kudos on a popular issue if a vote is carried before the election. more