Sunday, 31 May 2015

Budget 2015 - most of it won't pass senate

The problem is that the Abbott gov is linking aspects of last years 2014 budget disaster to the 2015 budget. Instead of throwing out the turd, they're trying to dress it up this year as a warm and fuzzy turd. It's still a fuckin turd FFS, yet they keep trying to get bits and pieces of that turd through the senate. 

They may have done a touch better initially on fooling the public into thinking this was a soft budget, but as people look into the detail they discover the gov's con job. Economically at least it's looking every much a budget disaster as last years.  
Social Services Minister Scott Morrison wants the family tax benefits cuts proposed in last year's budget passed to pay for his new $3.5 billion childcare package. While Labor, the Greens and many crossbenchers appear to like the package itself they are steadfastly refusing to back the cuts. 

Victorian senator John Madigan says it seems like all the big-ticket items of this year's budget are linked to bombshells from the previous one. 

"I don't support budget booby-traps," he told Fairfax Media. more

In fact it's come to light that the much vaunted "forward estimates" that the gov spin claims to show the budget coming back to surplus, relies on these budget measures from last year that won't pass the senate. Over ten years it amounts to a whopping $100billion that the gov is saying is there. But it's not. Click to enlarge.