Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Incest should carry death penalty - Josh Duggar's father 2002

Another example of biblical rhetoric by christian maniacs, but when it comes to affecting them it's a different story isn't it. Quick to point the finger and condemn according to their wacked out world view, but also quick to cover up and change their tune when the finger gets pointed squarely at them. Complete hypocrisy.

Turns out Josh's father Jim Bob was running for the senate in 2002, and his stance on incest has been immortalised in the internet. He says those who commit incest should die.

His son Josh however remains very much alive. Strange that isn't it. These people are just full of so much self righteous bullshit. Cherry picking their way through the bible and their morality.

Incidentally, the kill the gays pastor's wife agrees with version 2002 of Jim Bob Duggar that Josh should die.
“I believe that all pedophiles are reprobates, that they are unregenerate and in fact can never change, and that they, like all sexual deviants, should be executed as the Bible demands, lest they spread their abusive ways and corrupt more innocent lives,” Anderson said. more
I wonder if she would still say that then if one of her kids was as guilty as Josh Duggar? I think not.