Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Pell visited St Patricks College in March - fine to travel then

To the surprise of many, some of them even in his own church, George Pell travelled to Australia as recently as March, just weeks ago, and visited St Patricks College. It's in their April Newsletter. Why then should he not front up to something as important as a Royal Commission into child abuse to answer the allegations against him involving said child abuse in the church? 
Cardinal George Pell visited Ballarat and a school at the centre of clergy abuse claims just weeks before the royal commission hearings began in the town. 

The Cardinal is pictured walking the halls of St Patrick's College with the school's headmaster John Crowley in the April edition of the school's magazine The Shamrock. 

The development comes as public pressure builds on Australia's most senior Catholic cleric to front the commission to answer explosive claims that he bribed a victim to remain silent about a notorious paedophile priest. more