Sunday, 14 June 2015

A nervous weekend - court date this week

Update: the day in court

It's finally here. Will soon be heading off to court for the hearing of my psycho nephew who bashed David.

I don't feel particularly nervous about turning up at court itself, more that I have to actually see the prick and perhaps my prick older brother as well. I suppose I'll just do my best to completely ignore them on the other side of the court room. We will of course be on the police/prosecutors side of the room. 

Still really pissed off with the prick that he wasn't man enough to admit his guilt and plead so. Now we have to go through reliving it all again because of his self preservation strategy. Fuckin asshole. Hopefully after seeing the brief as he has his counsel will tell him to change his plea.

As to what he may get for his asshole crimes is up to the magistrate. I don't know how mandatory minimum sentencing works specifically, whether it depends on the seriousness of the crime or simply that the crime was committed? Anyway psycho is looking at a 2 year mandatory minimum jail sentence whatever exactly that means.

There's no doubt whatsoever of his guilt. What we supplied the police and what came out of his own mouth to the police confirms this. This whole thing just seems like a complete waste of time. Surely it would've been easier for all involved to simply say "Yes, I fucked up, I give myself to the mercy of the court". I've followed that line before myself and magistrates really appreciate the honesty in my experience.