Saturday, 13 June 2015

TPP Fast Track stopped dead in it's tracks - Obama humiliated

Looks like our collective voices around the Pacific may actually be getting within earshot of Washington. The Trans Pacific Partnership corporate takeover of the Pacific has hit a huge stumbling block, with the so called "Fast Track" requested by Obama voted against in the most humiliating way for him. By the Democrats themselves, his own party. 
Others said the defeat had more to do with policy and politics. After decades of watching presidents secure trade agreements from South Korea to Mexico, even in the face of opposition from their base, Democrats have broadly come to the conclusion that such agreements exacerbate income inequality. 

“Enough is enough,” Representative Debbie Dingell, Democrat of Michigan, said during the debate. 

Phil Schiliro, who managed congressional relations for Mr. Obama in his first term, said after the votes that Democrats believe the people they represent have suffered from past trade pacts. “I don’t think it’s a lack of loyalty to the president; I don’t think it’s a lack of wanting to be with the president,” he said. “If your friends genuinely have a different view, that’s the hardest thing to square.” more