Tuesday, 16 June 2015

SSJoe's Rentgate deepens - another Lieberal also stays at wife's house

As the Lieberals contemplate the "double dipping" of those evil new mothers, the outrageous audacity of workers demanding penalty rates, and those dastardly lazy bludgers on welfare daring to eat, it has come to light that SSJoe's rort of claiming $270 staying away from home allowance a night to stay at his wife's Canberra $2million house, is just the tip of the iceberg.

It's now come to light that previously Lieberal MP's Brendon Nelson, Ross Cameron, and Bob Baldwin have all been "tenants" at his wife's property, all charging $270 a night staying away from home allowance to the taxpayer. The age of entitlement indeed.

Currently Lieberal MP Jamie Briggs (pictured with SSJoe) is a fellow "tenant" of SSJoe. The combined charge to the taxpayer going to his wife's coffers? That's right folks, $540 a night/$3,780 a week, 7 days.
MPs can claim an allowance of up to $271 a night while in Canberra regardless of whether they stay in a hotel, rent an apartment, stay with friends or in their own home. 

Mr Hockey lives in the home of his wife, former investment banker Melissa Babbage, and has charged taxpayers an average of $1000 a month to do so since the home was purchased in 1997. 

It has now emerged the Assistant Infrastructure Minister, a close friend of Mr Hockey, also stays there, making Ms Babbage eligible to charge both to sleep in the home. more