Thursday, 18 June 2015

Well off pensioners freak out at Abbott/Greens pension deal

I am absolutely disgusted. Those who consider themselves "middle to low income" pensioners are stating that they're being ripped off and done over by the new pension changes approved by the Greens. Pension insanity darlings.

They are actually whinging that someone with half a million dollars in liquid asserts (ie money in the bank/pension fund) will lose the part pension.

Oh the fuckin humanity!

Yes folks, they are actually whinging that they will have to use their principle money to live off instead of the interest off it. It appears that they are actually totally serious about that and not joking.

As I have said, what about us who have nothing? (do poor people have the internet?). I mean nothing. Balancing food with the internet and utilities. Not a cent and relying on fortnightly welfare payments to keep a roof over and electricity running. Thinking of new ways to get through the fortnight eating at the same time as connecting with the world. As trying to still be a part of the community in some way without being completely isolated. What about us?

I'm sick to death of middle class welfare at the expense of people like us. We now have 14% of all Australians living below the poverty line. Because property investment and gov corruption. Because funding cuts to people in need. Because capitalism. It has failed us. It has breed greed instead of compassion. Selfishness instead of generosity. 

"I'm alright jack keep your hands off of my stack" (Pink Floyd - Money)

Do we not matter? Do I not matter? Are we to simply to accept poverty in the face of greed? Accept poverty as bad luck? Is that the capitalist society we really want?