Saturday, 27 June 2015

Exhausted - the stressfull week that was

It's been a bad week for us. We both slept about 10 hours last night, hardly able to get up today feeling so exhausted, mentally and physically.

I've had to be stuffing around with the forms for bankruptcy, one of them being 25 pages long, and getting the $bloke at the community centre to go over them to make sure I've filled it all out properly. Quite an effort of the head that one. Not exactly the happiest of things either to declare to all that you're financially fucked, especially when none of it is our fault. 

It's hard to actually lodge the forms now too. They used to have an office in the city to go and do it, but now you have to mail it to Adelaide where they do it by snail mail. Either that or email it all into the bowels of some invisible gov cyberspace thing. I decided on the hard copy way with a real live signature, sent by super duper registered overnight express post. Unfortunately being bankrupt, I don't have any money to do that until pension day on Wednesday so the whole thing will have to wait until then.

Then they get it and it takes up to two weeks to process the thing, at which time they send you your very own bankruptcy number. Perhaps I'm supposed to frame that? They also send it to the Commonwealth Bank which is the only debt I have, at which time the Commonwealth bank will throw their hands in the air and say fuck a lot I suppose.  

We also had a chance encounter with the local constabulary, which can be either good or bad depending on your chances on the day. This minor incident turned out bad, was fixed and all, but it did serve to remind us both of past cop experiences that have been extremely bad for both of us on different individual occasions. 

It's surprising how a minor event can trigger so many bad memories sometimes. We both had trouble sleeping through the week and have still been having nightmares even last night. The other night I was having a terrible nightmare and punched the person in my dream, which turned out to be David in real life right next to me. Got to laugh I suppose.