Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Gov attacks human rights commissioner on live TV - Australia

The Abbott gov is reaching new lows every day now it seems. Hot on the heels of Cash For Turnaround (paying people smugglers to turn their boats back to Indonesia) we have the appearance of Bronwyn Bishop on the popular Question and Answer show broadcast live last night across the nation. 

Also appearing was Australia's independent human rights commissioner Gillian Triggs, who the Abbott gov has for months been attacking and demanding her resignation. Why? Because she released the human rights damning report into children in detention in Australia, most notably those in Australia's Gulag's on Manus Island and the like. 

The report was damning of both major political parties, Labor and Lieberals. But because the report was released during the current Lieberal reign of asylum torture, the Lieberals took it all very personally as a partisan slap in their face. They then castigated Triggs for being partisan political for not releasing it under Labor's reign of asylum torture, and went so far as to loudly demand her resignation for being political. Which they have continued to do to this day.

It must be said also that Bronwyn Bishop is the current speaker of the "House of Representatives" (I use that phrase lightly here) and it has been noted by many that she is undoubtedly the most unfair and partisan speaker in memory in that House.

So last night Bishop attacks Triggs on live TV. A prime example of this gov's disposition to human rights. Triggs handled herself marvelously, stood her ground, and fired back with both barrels. To much applause.