Thursday, 18 June 2015

Telstra finally fixes the landline :)

We got yet another visit from another Telstra bloke on Tuesday. 

He inquired about the other people who'd been there a few days before, and said that they thought they'd fixed it when they did all the stuff on the street. The thing was I said back, was that they said they were going to return to check to see that it was all working but they didn't. I went out later to look for them and they'd gone, nowhere to be seen. The new Telstra bloke understood that.

So he goes about checking on all the equipment and long story short it was one of the filters between the phone outlet and the cordless phone. The filters stop the internet making a terrible noise on the line when you're talking to people. It had corroded over time inside because of humidity and stopped working properly. The bloke reckoned Sydney was getting more tropical and humid.

He replaced the filter and also the other filter going to the standard phone, all at no charge. A good resolution in the end.