Thursday, 25 June 2015

Catholic warning letter to businesses supporting gay marriage - Australia

More love from the christians.......

Recently a whole bunch of businesses took out a full page add declaring their support for marriage equality in Australia. A gesture of the times.

The Catholic church, not content with trying to defend it's decades of moral failings at the child sex abuse royal commission, has decided it still has moral authority over modern Australia. Angry at said businesses supporting gay marriage, they have sent this letter (example below) to Sydney businesses threatening to use their economic power against those businesses if they continue to support marriage equality.

The law firm this particular letter was addressed to has taken offence, albeit delicately telling the church to fuck off:
The law firm has since said its involvement with the campaign “is to ensure everyone is treated equally before the law”. 

Principal Liberty Sanger told The Australian: “No one is trying to persuade the Catholic Church to alter their definition of marriage. I take it (the letter) with a grain of salt; ­obviously they are very agitated with the issue, but it is not helpful to engage with this level of ­emotion.” more