Thursday, 25 June 2015

Abbott's ASIO photo op - reveals secret maps to the world :s

Abbott went to ASIO to look tough on terror. Unfortunately he went a bit far, the maps under his nose being deemed as secret. Maps of Sydney and Melbourne showing areas where people have come from who have gone overseas fighting for terror! (Terror! I tell you!). There were photos and filming.

Here's the YouTube version:

This article has the Fairfax version, which I took a still from the video thus: 

However it was upside down, so I turned it around and sharpened it up a bit. May I hereby present ASIO's secret maps of TERROR!© curtesy of Abbott's latest photo op. Looks like no TERROR!© in eastern Sydney BTW, it's all those bloody western Sydney rednecks!

But Labor's defence spokesman David Feeney said the Prime Minister had been shown being "briefed about materials that we now understand are secret". 

"He's a Prime Minister who conducted a press conference in the very heart of one of our most sensitive buildings and most important intelligence organisations – ASIO – which I think suggest he has some deep enthusiasm for being photographed in this building," Mr Feeney said. 

"The audio clearly showed the chief of ASIO is briefing him and pointing to maps and then ASIO tells us later that those maps are for official use and not for broadcast. 

"Can the Prime Minister please explain to us what damage, if any, has been done?" 

Mr Feeney said Mr Abbott prided himself on being a Prime Minister with an instinct for national security issues. 

"Did he recognise this for the material it was?" he said. 

"How can it be that your finely honed instincts for national security didn't tell you this is material not meant to be broadcast?" 

In Parliament on Thursday morning Labor tried to censure Mr Abbott, who they said had breached national security by allowing the documents to be shown. 

"ASIO should not be used as a prop for a Liberal photo opportunity," frontbencher Anthony Albanese said. more

All this TERROR!© talk was worth ten flags too, a new record I think. Very Monty Python.