Monday, 15 June 2015

D-day in court with psycho nephew - the plot thickens

A very long day in court today with psycho nephew and his family fan club. His father (my prick older brother) was there, and for an added bonus my psycho nephew's older brother. The older brother was the only one out of the three of them who approached us, which I'll get to later.

We both arrived at the court (after my nipple ring kept setting off the metal detector security thing on the way in) and were seen by the police officer from our local cop shop and presently were introduced to the police prosecutor, a very well spoken and caring man. He spoke to both of us individually as we waited for the case to be assigned a separate courtroom from the initial one. We got a copy again of our statements but we'd already read them previously at home after being sent them from the cop shop. 

Afterwards David related to me how my brother had said David spat on him and said he was going to get "AIDS". A lie, and even worse, using David's illness/HIV against him as some kind of defence for them. Utterly despicable. My own vile brother doing that to my partner. How completely revolting.

Anyway there was a bit of negotiation outside the courts whilst waiting for a court room, between the police prosecutor and the family. At one point they were going to change the plea to guilty, certainly a major step towards resolution of the whole thing, but they didn't want the bit about the stomping on David's head in the police report to do that. 

David said no way straight away, and I agreed with him, bringing big smiles to the face of both the prosecutor and the local cop shop officer in charge of the case. I added that this was nothing to do with bad feelings or anything as it was just what happened. Indeed, that minute or so in the hallway is embedded in my head forever. I even said to the prosecutor that to me, to leave out the stomping, would be to lie in court.

So the whole deal fell over because of that, and the case moved on to the hearing instead of ending there with a guilty plea. That was how much they didn't want the stomping to be in the police report. Fuckin lying assholes.

By this time lunch happened and on returning to the courts David and I sat outside the main court room instead of down the other end away from it. Presently the three family members arrived and sat away from us as they were supposed to (no pressuring the witness's allowed and all that). The older brother of psycho nephew came over though to me and introduced himself. I didn't recognise him at all, hadn't seen him since a toddler. A short conversation enshewed, summarised thus:

Me - I'm never going to forgive him for this. He bashed my partner and stomped on his head.
Him - (*smelling of fresh alcohol*) It would be good if we could sort this out nicely.
Me - I don't want to know you, go back over there.
Him - (*resignedly*) Well I tried. 

Shortly after the prosecutor and police officer came, and I complained to them that I felt I'd been pressured by the older brother; a huge no no. They paid attention.

Eventually a court room was assigned but time ran out. The police and David have been in the witness stand. Me, my brother (who'd flown over from New Zealand to be the witness) and psycho nephew haven't. It'll be Sept or October for the next court installment. Hopefully that will be the end of it.

In summary:

The family used David's HIV against him to try to mitigate psycho's bashing. Then they refused to acknowledge psycho's stomping on his head. Then they wanted to sort it all out "nicely".

Um, they can all well and truly get fucked with that. They don't seem to realise that when I left Taranaki (NZ), I left Taranaki. I've never gone back to live and have only visited very briefly since fleeing the place at 17. Have spent all my life since then escaped from it. I've not considered myself part of the family for decades now and never will. What's more this is the end of any association I have with all of them except two sisters that I get on with (one here the other in NZ). It's over and I never want to see them again after this. After this I honestly wouldn't care if they dropped dead tomorrow.

The worst part about today was that for a bit I felt like I was back there in Taranaki, fucked up by the family all over again.

Nope, never again.......