Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Gov just about gives up on TPP - Australia

Not going to count the chooks before they've hatched, but oh dear isn't it now looking disastrous for the corporate takeover of 40% of the world's economy? Otherwise known as the dreaded Trans Pacific Partnership. The Australian gov is on the verge of giving up on it. 
THE Australian Government is close to admitting defeat on the Trans-Pacific Partnership — the massive and controversial trade deal aimed at uniting 40 per cent of the global economy. 

“Look, it’s getting ... it’s getting quite problematic in the United States,” Trade Minister Andrew Robb said today, referring to a Democrats’ revolt against President Barak Obama on the issue. 

He said the negotiators were just a week away from settling the agreement but the TPP needed the backing of the US President to survive. And US House of Representatives was stalling. 

Mr Robb told ABC radio: “If it’s not dealt with in the next two or three weeks I think it’s … we’ve got a real problem with the future of the TPP.” more
What with all the drama about Cash For Turnbacks and all. The Abbott gov can't manage two disasters at once you know. Not even two issues, as displayed when Abbott couldn't concentrate on business and forwarding gay marriage at the same time.