Saturday, 27 June 2015

Abbott's war on the ABC/TERROR!© - Howard vs Abbott

The current Lieberal war on TERROR!©, although as shamelessly poll driven as Howard's certainly lacks much of Howard's finesse. In short, Howard understood that in Australia's democracy it was OK for things to be said on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in discussions that weren't in agreement with the gov of the day. In fact things that may well have not been in agreement of much of the population of the day. Something that Abbott and his gov don't appear to have the faintest idea about.

I point to a short video that has come to light this week of Howard appearing on the same Question and Answer (Q&A) program on the ABC years ago when he was Prime Minister. He took a question about David Hicks, which the gov had called the "worst of the worst" TERROR!©ist. Many, but certainly not the majority, in the community thought that the US holding Hicks for 5 years in Gitmo without charge facing a kangaroo court, wasn't right for a democracy like ours. He disagreed, but made the comment first about it being Australia that allowed such questions to be asked by someone the gov had considered a TERROR!©ist.

Last week on Monday there was a different question from a different person in the community who had been acquitted of TERROR!© by the Australian courts. When being told by a gov minister on the show that he should have had his citizenship revoked because he got off with the charges not being "retrospective"/kangaroo court, the bloke responded angrily and went over the top. Understandable I guess. I mean if you were in front of a national audience how would you respond being told by your gov to fuck off as they're right and the courts are wrong?

The gov's response though wasn't at all like Howard's. Thus:

Pretty fuckin bad Tone when even Howard looks good next to you

Abbott's pathetic attempt to win TERROR!© as something only his gov can deal with is turning out to be little more than a bunch of spoilt brats crying in the schoolyard about what someone said on telly about them. Their past ravings about freedom of speech (freedom to be a bigot) are shown for what they are; nothing more than an attempt to hijack debate in Australia according to their terms. It appears that freedom to speak only extends to it being in agreement with gov memes. 

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